Ivy’s Story

For one young girl and her grandmamma, Plantain chips become a lifesaving food during their treacherous journeys from Koforidua to Accra in search of medications and treatments to help combat the young girl’s malaria in the 80’s-

It was during these long tiresome journeys did her love for plantain chips begun. Every time she devour in a bag of the lightly salted golden plantain snacks sold by women on the hustling and bustling streets of Accra her energy level elevated automatically due to the vast amounts of healthy nutrients found in the plantain fruit.

Her appetite and curiosity about plantains evolved, as she got older which led her to producing her own hand-made version of fresh, healthy and delicious plantain chips innovatively sliced in a way only know to her here in Norway.

This young girl was Ivy and plantain chips was her childhood favourite snack.

Ivy now resides in Jørpeland (Preikestolen Village) Norway, where she produces the best plantain Chips with the best natural ingredients with no added additives or preservatives as cruelty free as possible.

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